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Food & Beverage Processing


Specifying flooring for the Food and Beverage industry can sometimes be difficult due to the many different environments business process can impose on them. Mechanical stress caused by transport, chemical stress caused by organic acids and detergents, thermal stress and specific hygiene requirements all demand particular care in the planning and application phases.


Poly-Tech built the back bone of its business from this industry so are naturally able to offer significant experience from design phase through to construction and maintenance.


We offer multiple flooring solutions varying from super-fast hardening acrylic coatings that can be load-bearing hours after being poured through to floors with an epoxy or polyurethane coating for increased chemical, acid and mechanically resistant durability.


Eliminating loss of production is one of the main considerations for projects in the food and beverage industry. Poly-Tech’s extensive experience allows for successful completion of projects within restricted timeframes ensures your company can operate with no loss of production.


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