Acid & Chemical Resistant Coatings

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Business process often requires the use of chemicals and acids to achieve delivery objectives. To provide long term protection to capital assets, acid and chemical resistant coatings should be at the forefront of business owners minds to maintain productivity and return on capital investment.

Poly-Tech enables peace of mind in regards to resistance to ongoing chemical and acid attack, temporary exposure to harmful acids, oils and solvents, cleaning regimes which tend to cause erosion and containment solutions for potential major catastrophes.

We work with all major suppliers of industrial coatings so each job is looked at on its own merits and only the right product is selected for application.

We have applicated in many scenarios across Oceania that require specialist systems.

Here are a few typical environments that require our solutions :

Chemical Bunds

Waste Water Treatment Plants


CIP Storage Tanks


Drainage Gullies

Blast Chillers

Splash Zones

Holding Tanks

Acid Tanks


Leach Platforms

And many more...

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