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Concrete Repair & Resurfacing

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30 years of concrete resurfacing and concrete repair means Poly-Tech have the experience and expertise to get the job done right. Not only do we repair concrete in any condition e.g. Concrete cancer, cracks, major faults and fractures, we also smooth, prime and prepare the surface for protective concrete coatings to be applied.

We can perform concrete repair or resurfacing on nearly any concrete surface. From floors, walls and columns to plinths, bunds and liners, the list is endless.

Poly-Tech is the market leader in concrete repair and concrete resurfacing for 3 main reasons.

Our Speed – No matter what the size or severity of the concrete repair job, we can have as many people as required on the job in a matter of days. We only use superior, state of the art, heavy duty equipment so the job gets done faster.

Our Relationships – Poly-Tech maintain excellent relationships with a large group of concrete repair and concrete resurfacing product manufacturers and engineers. This gives us access to an endless range of concrete resurfacing and concrete repair products so we can tailor each solution to the exact needs of each client.

Our Technology – Our relationships with the concrete repair product manufacturers means we are consistently up to date and using the newest technology and equipment. We are committed to being innovative and finding the best solutions for each and every concrete repair scenario.

Poly-Tech’s concrete repair and resurfacing services are available in South Australia, Victoria, Northern Territory and Tasmania.

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