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Protective Industrial Coatings

Case Studies

Patawalonga Weir Gates

Glenelg Weir Gates.JPG

Patawalonga Weir Gates

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Slag Thickner Tanks

Slag Thickner Tank.png

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Simplot Waste Water Tank

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Acid & Chemical Bunds

Acid Bunds.JPG

Acid Bund

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Industrial coatings and concrete coatings are ideal for walls, roofs, liners, splash-zones, containment, tank liners and pipe work – nearly anywhere to protect the vital assets and infrastructure that keep your industry in business.

Poly-Tech are experts in the selection, preparation and application of industrial and protective coatings. We are committed to providing the best advice and most effective coating solution to each individual client and their needs.

We have established and maintained long term relationships with all the major suppliers of industrial coatings, as well as the major engineering firms. We are highly regarded and respected within these circles, and due to our up to date knowledge and expertise in all forms of industrial coatings, are often consulted by engineers for advice on specifications for various assets and infrastructure.

Every client and their situation are unique and Poly-Tech will provide the best industrial coating solution tailored to your needs.

The quality and delivery of our protective coatings are second to none. Every time.

Poly-Tech’s Industrial coatings and concrete coatings services are available in South Australia, Victoria, Northern Territory and Tasmania.

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