Waterproofing Systems

Polyurea, Torch On, Bitumen, Cementitious, Acrylics


Did you know waterproofing typically makes up between 3 - 5% of the total project spend but is responsible for more that 25% of problems post construction?

That is why all commercial projects require the complex knowledge and experience to provide the most suitable solution.

Poly-Tech adds significant value to the waterproofing industry with our 25 years experience and water tight relationships with major suppliers. Whether its torch on, adhesive or spray applied, we assist our clients specify the right membrane system in any given environment and remain within your budget. Our market leading application methods protect contents underneath or within, as well as protecting structural integrity.

We have got what's required to protect structures from moisture and harsh environments to sustain the integrity of the structure to both new and existing concrete.

Our concrete waterproofing services includes the application of seamless bitumen membranes, seamless spray applied polyurea membranes, cementitious plasters and specialised membranes and acrylic gels for both internal and external requirements.

Poly-Tech can provide waterproofing that can be over coated with tiles or a wear slab. Some coatings can be applied as a decorative finish coating, depending on the situation required.

Effective waterproofing systems rely on exacting application. If not done correctly problems can occur with non adherence to the substrate leading to leakage and corrosion. Don’t take this risk so consult the experts!

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